Residential Roofing

If there’s a problem with your roof, you need to get it taken care of right away. Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. It’s there not only for aesthetics but also to provide protection.

At Gillette Roofing, we offer a wide array of residential services to assist you throughout the year.

Roofing Materials
You will find that roofs can be made of various materials. Knowing more about each material will help you determine what’s best for you based on aesthetics, maintenance, and overall life.

  • Shingles
  • Slate
  • Spanish tile
  • Metal

Shingles are the most common type of roofing material used throughout North East Wyoming. They don’t require a lot of maintenance, but if you notice that they are loose, curling, or losing their finish, it’s time to schedule a repair. With the right level of care, shingles will last you approximately 15 to 20 years.

Slate is a relatively new material used for roofs. It’s low maintenance and extremely durable. In most instances, slate can last upwards of 60 years.

Spanish tile will last a long time, too. While you’ll need to clean it periodically so that debris doesn’t get trapped amongst the tiles, it could last 100 years or more.

Finally, there’s metal. A metal roof is eco-friendly and requires almost no maintenance. It is estimated to last between 40 and 80 years depending on the type of coating on it.

Common Roof Repairs
Roofs are responsible for protecting your home against all of the elements. As such, it’s only natural for your roof to need some TLC from time to time. It may get damaged because of a storm, ice from too much snow, as well as due to high winds. A strong gust of wind could easily send a branch or something else at your roof, causing a puncture.

If you don’t address a repair in a timely fashion, you could end up with bigger problems. Your roof may not be able to keep the elements out. This means that you could lose some of your insulation. If there is rain or snow, you could also be inviting water into your home.

Our roofing contractors at Gillette Roofing will see to it that repairs are taken care of promptly. Contact us to schedule a time for us to come out. We will inspect the roof, identify the problem, and provide you with a written quote that will fix the problem.

If it’s an emergency, we can dispatch someone out quickly so you don’t have to wait days for a roofing company.

As for what kind of repair you need, it depends on the age of the roof as well as what has happened. There are quite a few common repairs throughout this area of Wyoming:

  • Roof leaks (often around the chimney, damaged shingles, or flashing points)
  • Pooled water
  • Shrinkage of roofing materal
  • Puncture or hole
  • Cracking and blistering

Especially after the winter months, you may find that there is a problem with your roof. This is because ice and snow can seep under your shingles. Then, if it refreezes, it ends up pushing shingles and flashing upwards. This is how you end up with gaps that can cause problems if not fixed right away.

The Importance of Roof Maintenance
You don’t have to do a lot to maintain your roof. However, it’s a great idea to schedule an inspection in the spring and fall. Residential roofing problems are often avoided when an issue is caught early on.

One of our contractors can visit your home to inspect the surface. What you see from the ground level may only be a small portion of what’s really going on. We’ll get onto the roof and take photos to show you any damage.

During the inspection, we’ll examine the exterior of the roof, all visible components, and explore areas that are of concern. If there is an issue that could lead to costly damage, we will be sure to identify these to you.

We’ll also measure attic insulation, identify if light is coming through, and check for leaks around the flashing of your chimney if you have one.

Schedule an Appointment
Don’t ignore problems with the roof of your home. Our roofing contractors at Gillette Roofing can visit your home to determine what’s going on.

The age of your roof will be a factor when determining if it’s best to schedule a repair or explore a new roof installation. Often, the goal is to make a repair as it is more affordable. However, there will come a time when it’s actually cheaper to get a new roof than to pay for “yet another” repair.

Our expertise in residential roofing will make it easier to make the right decision for your home and your budget. We look forward to assisting with your roof. Our services are available throughout North East Wyoming, including Gillette, Sheridan, Buffalo, and the surrounding areas.

Contact us today to schedule someone out to your home. We will provide you with a competitive, written quote for roofing repairs, inspections, and anything else you may need. Further, we’ll answer any questions you have to ensure you make an educated decision about your home’s roof.

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